about us


VBLP Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd is one of the leading Software Development Company in Hyderabad established way back in 2013. Our solutions and deliverables reach clients conjecture and We feel the honor to shoulder up more responsibilities.

VBLP is a Software Development Company, offers top-class and unparalleled software product services to wide diverse brands, individuals, corporates and startups. We have a team of skilled and experienced Professionals working on high end technologies. We follow a dedicated working progress in every stage of the software life cycle.

VBLP Tech solutions services are building new applications, new highlights expansion,enhancements to existing applications, building interfaces to existing applications and building modules to existing application short ramp-up time.

Our Team

V. Ramakrishna, Chief Executive Officer Graduated from London University, with a good experience in IT and Marketing sectors guiding in all the means of possibilities to expand our services. With the strategic and sure shot decision making, figures out the solutions to all business statistics.

Adopting the new changes to meet market targets reciprocating the client’s trust is one of the key suggestion the team receives. The continuous efforts in providing services with great returns to the customers and employees is the primary driving factor.

V. Ramakrishna

Founder & CEO

T. Ashwini , Director who constantly advices and encourages in choosing the better development options. With keen interest into business management delivers the best suited solutions for any Insolvency problems arising. Being one of the major contributor in business development, continuously monitors organisational performance evaluating the outcomes. With regular consideration over organisational performance and evaluating the end-to-end relationships she always ensures the appropriate and achievable results. Apart from Professional guidance, she always ensures the health, safety and welfare of every employee.

T. Ashwini


A.Srikanth, Reporting Manager with a broad overview of the fields to compete with and the market strategies to establish the company always shares the ideas and guides the team althrough in successful implementation. With continuous collaboration with vendors of different areas, identifies the business opportunities and ensures the quality driven results thus improves the administration process.

A . Srikanth

Reporting Manager


VBLP Core Values

We think big and have hands-on-experienced team in all leading technology platforms to provide you wide array of services.