VLSI Services

VBLP is proud to have smart working engineers with expertise in various domains of the chip design cycle. We provide quality engineering services in the area of front-end design, verification, and FPGA prototyping. We have the right combination of skilled resources for architecture, coding, testing, EDA tools, methodologies, project management, and effective customer communication. Having in-house R&D team and expertise in IP-development, we can customize our VLSI design services and assist customers at any stage of the chip-design cycle. Our engineers carry extensive experience in various technology domains and bring value for the overall success of the project with experience in working with multiple customers, managing dependencies between design, verification, back-end, and software teams working in collaboration from different geographical locations. Having expertise in standard protocols like AMBA, USB, PCIe, Ethernet, SATA, etc. and FPGA families from Xilinx, and Intel we are capable of providing value-added services within a short time.

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Our Service Offers:

    # Develop/revamp Verification Environment (VE) architecture for standard and specific verification of closer goals

    # Start from the high-level specification or standard-protocol specification and build implementation level architecture details

    # Feasibility study and prototyping set-up plan based on testing goals: accelerated verification, proof-of-concept, interoperability testing

    # Working with exercisers and inter-op testing.